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                When a Solder is encouraged and motivated, the need to micromanage is eliminated. This goes back to my initial point
on the importance
of building
relationships. By
building a positive
relationship with
your unit and
allowing your
Soldiers to work
to their potential,
identifying their
strengths and
allowing them to
take ownership,
they will become empowered to do what is best for the mission.
As leaders our influence goes beyond the direct Soldier. Utilizing “This is My Squad” will not only give us immediate unit success, it will provide the mentorship and tools for the junior leaders in our formations to use in the future when they become more senior leaders. Showing those leaders the importance of understanding and empowering their Soldiers will provide the Army with capable and reliable leaders well into the future.
In conclusion, “This is My Squad” is an initiative to engage your Soldiers, improve communication, understanding, and the exchange of ideas and experiences. By using this initiative, the goal is to stop suicides, racism and extremism, as well as sexual assault and sexual harassment. In this article,
I have described the top three priorities of the Chief of Staff, the methods to combat those issues, and
why relationship building is essential in having an effective unit. In order for “This is My Squad” to be effective, it needs
to not only be a slogan, it has to be a mindset, a constant to bring about change. I believe the initiative will cause leaders to have an
increased awareness of what is going on within
the unit and provide avenues of different thoughts that will improve any unit and to bring comradery and a sense of family that will improve the overall success of any unit. With better communication, more opportunities for counseling and mentorship, and being open to discuss societal issues in an environment that allows for honest conversation are all a part of “This is My Squad”.
1SG Williams is the First Sergeant of Alpha Company, 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), 193rd Infantry Brigade.
Brook, T. 2020, Oct. 1. Suicide rate among active-duty troops jumps to six-year high, COVID-19 stress could make it even worse. USA Today: high/5879477002/
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