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                lenses. These discussions will help both the leader and Soldier to become a better team. Sharing significant emotional events, either in combat or life, can form a bond of trust and mutual respect that can be a force multiplier within a unit.
One main tool in combating racism and extremism is through education. People often
have misconceived perceptions based on their socialization. The socialization process has an enormous impact in how someone sees other groups of individuals. The process also has many different layers that goes into forming it. It could be where someone grew up, friends, family, media, and music to name a few. Having discussions between leaders and Soldiers and between Soldiers amongst themselves can provide education about those different groups. It can explain that not all experiences with a particular group are always going to be the same. Your previous experiences might have been the exception and not the norm.
and sexual assault. The goal of the SHARP program is to eliminate these incidents as the Army does not tolerate or condone sexual harassment, sexual assault, or associated retaliatory behaviors. The SHARP program enhances Army readiness by fostering a culture free of sexual harassment and sexual assault through prevention. The program educates everyone on how to identify patterns within the unit that could adversely affect unit morale, readiness, and overall lethality.
Sexual assault and sexual harassment can take place in the workplace, in social settings, and at
a Soldier’s residence. The Army serves as home
and workplace for so many members of the Army, leadership must identify ways to reduce the chances for incidents to take place. We conduct training sessions throughout the year on sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention. In addition, we can use “This is My Squad to reinforce the values of the United States Army and ensure that our Soldiers know we are there for them and they can come to us with any issues or concerns. By using “This is My Squad” we are able to identify individuals who have been a victim of either sexual harassment or sexual assault. The more we understand our Soldiers on a personal and professional level we will see the small changes that occur when someone is a victim.
We also have a clear policy on sexual harassment that all trainees, Soldiers, and leadership abide. Lastly, it is very important whenever there is a complaint filed, leadership takes it seriously and acts swiftly to investigate. When these acts are taken and it is known by the unit, this will promote the willingness of victims of sexual assault to come forward and will set the tone that there is zero tolerance for this behavior.
Influence and Empowerment
Another part of “This is My Squad” is influencing and empowering leaders at the squad level and below. As a leader, you want your subordinates to have pride and ownership in the success of the unit. When Soldiers become “bought in” to the success of the unit, they will become more productive and have a sense of pride when the unit succeeds. When you have conversations with your Soldiers you can receive their feedback on the mission and the overall state of the unit. Incorporating their ideas and feedback into the mission gives them a sense of belonging and can facilitate that pride and ownership that can truly enhance readiness.
 Another way to combat against racism and extremism is to embrace diversity. The old saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” rings true. A unit will improve and be more effective through showcasing the diversity of its members and their ideas. Diversity and inclusion yields benefits for any organization because it creates an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and willing to contribute to the team. “This is my Squad” is about promoting diversity.
Stop Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
The third priority of the Chief of Staff of the Army is to stop sexual harassment and sexual assault. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) program is a program designed to combat sexual harassment
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