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                  Leveraging “TIMS”
 To leverage “This is My Squad”, it is important for leaders to build relationships. This is a key factor in having effective leadership.
This article will further discuss the importance
of building relationships, examples to improve relationships and by doing so help in reducing and/or eliminating General McConville’s top three priorities: stop suicides, stop racism and extremism, and to stop sexual harassment and sexual assaults.
Importance of Building Relationships
It is important to build relationships within your unit to better understand your Soldiers and your leaders. Building these relationships will
give the leader a better foundation from which to lead. Knowing where your Soldiers come from, their family life, experiences and goals will assist in not only accomplishing the mission, but also help guide and provide mentorship. When you have an understanding of a person’s background, you can better understand how they respond to certain situations. This helps in having a bigger impact in effectively leading your unit when you are able to relate. To be a part of a team, one must feel they can depend on their teammates and one of the best
1SG Kevin Williams
ways to achieve this goal is ensuring you have built a rapport.
Team building exercises are a great example
of a way to build rapport. These exercises also
build trust in one another and create an outlet
for constructive criticism. After all, we want our Soldiers to have the courage to speak their mind. Team building exercises are especially beneficial to trainees as they are being introduced to the Army culture. These exercises not only build a well-
oiled machine; but also enable each team member to learn the nuances and habits of each other. Confidence courses are a way to build relationships. Confidence courses bring members of your team together to solve complex scenarios and the
goal of this exercise is to utilize the strengths of each member of the team by accomplishing the objective. At the end of the exercise, the leader and Soldiers will have a greater understanding of each other.
Stop Suicides
Suicide is one of the Chief of Staff ’s priorities because one suicide in the Army is one too many.
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