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                   Senior Noncommissioned Officer, I pride myself
in being, so to speak, in the trenches with my
Drill Sergeants. I want to gain and maintain their respect not solely based on my position but also
on my understanding of the challenges they face daily. When SMA introduced the TiMS initiative,
I had realized, for the most part, that I was already doing that for years. The only secondary aspect that I had to introduce was opening up the forum to discuss those behaviors that nobody ever wants to talk about because we assume it is not happening. Taking ownership of TiMS makes discussing such harmful activities easy. The key is that you must first “Know your Soldier” and their background personally. When we as leaders place ourselves
in our subordinate’s shoes, we as a team create those shared hardships that often lead to those uncomfortable conversations that we all at some point in time had when we were deployed.
Using the leadership philosophy and communication platform to cultivate TiMS sets
a boundary that derives around a culture of care, pride, and ownership within our formation and ranks. Having those uncomfortable conversations with our Soldiers will promote unit readiness, efficiency and promote a strong sense of belonging that will open Soldiers to talk and speak what is on their mind without the fear of reprisal. “This is My Squad” should be considered a means to an end to eliminating harmful activities our Army has battled for so long. Taking pride, caring, and knowing our Soldiers is our number one priority. “Victory, Starts Here!” “No Ground to Give!” “40 Rounds!” “This We’ll Defend!”
1SG Rivera is the First Sergeant of Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade.
Erode Harmful Activities
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