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                   The 2020 Army People Strategy is the foundation of readiness, modernization, and reform. We must continue selecting the
right personnel (military and civilian) for positions to maintain and sustain effectiveness. In further review of the Army People Strategy, the purpose is to recruit, build, and retain talent within the Army (TRADOC Communication Handbook, p.4). The Army is only as strong as the combined strength
of the PEOPLE. Why is there such a motivation to invest in people? Since I have worked in personnel and logistics for over 35 years, I learned the Army could not function effectively without PEOPLE. We need quality personnel that will enable us
to prepare and protect this great Nation. When investing in PEOPLE, we need to focus on the particular skills necessary to maximize human potential to build the technical and professional expertise required for Multi-Domain operations (TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, p.20). We can develop and maintain a qualified and competent workforce through continued training, education, and succession planning. Investing in PEOPLE affords us lasting institutional benefits and ensures the future of the organization.
First, investing in PEOPLE requires us to build the skills of our personnel to sustain our current operations and maintain the edge to defeat our enemies. At every level, we must continue building our skills and experience within our particular functional area or career field. In support of the operational environment, we need to continue
advancing our knowledge and skills to meet the needs of our mission. Building our knowledge, skills, and abilities makes everyone more valuable to the organization. Each individual can take the initiative to increase their knowledge, develop their current skills, and build on their current abilities. Everyone that has worked in their field for many years and shared their knowledge has developed
a higher level of expertise and is labeled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Subject Matter Experts have practiced and perfected their craft to assist the organization with special projects and programs. These SMEs have institutional knowledge about where they have been, where they are, and where they are going.
In the military, skills connect to complete the mission effectively. Each functional area has an integral part in the overall mission. As the military continues to reshape how we prepare and fight our adversaries, we must keep ahead by investing in these areas and retaining our talent. If we do not invest in PEOPLE, our personnel will leave our workplace and find another workplace that values their talent. In addition, the ways that personnel approach and process their work is vital to mission success. Critical thinking skills promote adaptive, innovative, and creative ideas invaluable skills for current and future progress.
Second, investing in PEOPLE requires that we continue building and maintaining an effective workforce through training and education
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Investing in PEOPLE
COL Renee’ T. MacDonald

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