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                   The Evolution of a Female Soldier
 Several years ago, I attended a birthday party for my Godmother that consisted mainly of senior citizens. During this party, I sat down
and began a wonderful conversation with a woman, Lori, who happened to be in her 80s. During our conversation, I learned Lori used to be in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). She
was very proud of her time as a WAAC, repeatedly saying it was one of the best things she had done in her life. Following a distinguished career, she was able to retire.
When Lori volunteered to join the WAACs, there were not many opportunities for women
in general in America, and the military was no exception. When Lori volunteered to become a WAAC, they were not part of the segregated Army at the time. However, this was soon to change;
on June 12, 1948, the Women’s Armed Service Integration Act was signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. This bill enabled a permanent presence of women in the military, including WAC, WAVE, women in the Marine Corps, and women in the Air Force. Women would now have a permanent presence serving alongside their male counterparts to protect and serve our nation.
I was honored and very fortunate to meet Lori and for this opportunity to learn more about her
LTC Lynette Jones
experiences as a veteran and one of the first women to serve in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. In our nation’s history, women have not always had it easy while serving in the military. During times of war, our history shows that when men went off to fight wars, the woman held down the homefront and did the jobs that men were not around to do. Women had to learn how to fix the cars and do maintenance work around the house. Women have been serving in society in many capacities for a long time. As with men serving in the Army, there are rules and regulations set for both genders. One obvious thing is that no one chooses to be male or female. That decision has already been made for us whether we like it or not. Being a woman is not a choice; it’s a predetermined decision.
Women have many abilities and talents as men and contribute to society to grow and improve
life in the world we live in. I could list many contributions made by women and men, but
that’s not what this article is about. It’s about the evolution of a woman serving in the military. After 73 years of service, women have come a long way. So many battles to fight and so many challenges to face; It’s not always easy. It truly is a chosen few that decide to answer the call of duty and follow through with it until the mission is complete. In the early days, women in the military historically served as
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