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                 is a requirement. It is a part of the Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer. NCOs must know themselves. As previously mentioned, seeking out mentorship and having that hard conversation about professional improvement is required
to grow. Being open to constructive feedback
is beneficial to the development of people in general, not just NCOs who don’t seem capable
of upholding the standard. Also, senior leaders have to ask themselves what constitutes success
in this matter. What I have learned over time is there are no absolutes. If nine out of ten NCOs are the epitome of a leader who sets and maintains the standard, is that considered success? I would believe so.
Lastly, the NCO Corps must get back to leading and training. Senior leaders must demand more from our juniors and never relent in pushing
them to be better. We must continue on-the-spot corrections. Leaders have to engage their junior leaders more frequently, not just when they are in trouble. The Army has overhauled its promotion
system. Maybe leaders understanding where they rank in their career management field could help hold NCOs accountable for their actions. Last but definitely not least, senior leaders must uphold the standard. Some senior leaders are guilty of preaching but not doing. It starts with us and will end with them.
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1SG Jefferson is the First Sergeant of Bravo Company, 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), 193rd Infantry Brigade.
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