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64 How Can Leaders Leverage “This is My Squad” to Erode
Harmful Activities From the Army
1SG Alexander Rivera
For the U.S. Army to determine how to erode corrosive behaviors within our ranks, we must evaluate how leveraging “This is My Squad” can indeed eradicate and or erode such activities.
66 More behind M.O.R.E.
1LT Christopher Taylor
With the added stressTrainees are put through, we are encouraged to provide extra meals throughout the day and high-intensity events. These extra meals are
called Modular Operational Ration Enhancements, or simply M.O.R.E.
68 Farewell “Shark Arrack”
1SG Ernesto Velez
The shark attack is a well-known method of instruction that began in the Army’s draft days.
70 Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, and Connection
1SG LaShelle Webb
Leaders face many challenges, issues, and situations that are often easier talked about than actioned in their daily lives. Of these, the most difficult is the ability to connect with another human being.
74 Leveraging “TIMS”
1SG Kevin Williams
To leverage “This is My Squad”, it is important for leaders to build relationships. This is a key factor in having effective leadership.
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