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                  Time Management for Stress Management
 1SG Shane Hill
There is no getting around it; the BCT environment is stressful for Drill Sergeants. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all
stressors, but it is possible to reduce some stressors. The daily activity and pace of a BCT company are intense; there are many major training events,
and each of those requires the completion of supporting tasks. That makes for a lot to do;
when you add in the inevitable changes and the exhausting schedule, it’s easy to see that some time management is needed. Planning and forecasting enable the command team and Drill Sergeants to get ahead of challenges. Building a little wiggle room in the plan helps reduce the impact of changes and allows leaders to manage the workload better.
There is frankly a lot to do daily in BCT, and there is always more tomorrow. The constant barrage of tasks can be one of the most significant stressors in BCT, but controlling stressors is possible in part by using planning and forecasting. At the company level, the training meeting and short-range training calendar are kings. They
are the tools that ensure training is locked in, resourced, and protected. These tools allow
those subject matter experts (Drill Sergeants)
to realistically look at what events the unit has coming up and forecast the tasks needed to support them. That forecasting is pivotal in building
a comprehensive plan that reduces stress. For example, finding time to draw, mount, and tie- down CCOs a few days before CCO group and zero
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