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                  A few answers came to mind; sometimes NCOs are not held accountable, NCOs don’t know what the standards are, or simply cannot physically or mentally achieve the standards. An NCO mustbe able to self-reflect. Self-reflection allows leaders to take a step back from within and make an honest assessment of their performance. As an NCO, you know what you’re supposed to do through creeds, regulations, and policies, so you cannot state that you are unaware. There may be times when policies or regulations are misinterpreted, but that’s when you, as a leader, must be humble enough to ask someone to help interpret it.
Sometimes- depending on the level of respect that one has with you, a simple correction will be enoughto get someone back on track.
With this said, the receiver must be humble and put in the work necessary to correct themselves. Why should it be so hard to know that if you, as
a leader, are not upholding the same standards
as a Trainee, you need to self-correct yourself? Depending on the situation, it might be challenging to get yourself to a standard where you are in line with the Trainees, but necessary.
The day that it becomes impossible to uphold the same basic standards as a Trainee is the same day you need to self-reflect on your future in the Army.
The Importance of Deeds
 How do we fix an issue where Leaders do not uphold the same standards as Trainees? In my opinion, coaching, mentorship, and accountability are essential. We have to remember that we are all followers before we are leaders. Followers need coaching and mentorship. There should not be a time inone’s career where they stop getting it. We need leaders at all levels to continue to provide
us with resources and candid assessments. That coaching and mentorship tell followers that someone is still watching them and watching what they do. If someone cannot uphold standards, as
a Leader, you have to step in and have the courage to say something- make the correction, offer a solution, and hold personnel accountable. There are so many tools that we have to hold people accountable.
1SG Gary is the First Sergeant of Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade.
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