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 The Importance of Deeds Over Words in an IET Environment:
We Preach Standards to the Trainees, but Why Can’t Every Leader Uphold Those Same Standards?
Basic Combat Training, United States Army Drill Sergeant, Trainee, Fort Jackson, those few words have different feelings
to different people. In my perspective, as a First Sergeant in Basic Combat Training (BCT), reading those words brings me a sense of pride. After all, what better way to introduce an Army leader, a Noncommissioned Officer, to a team than in BCT. BCT is the very first impression thata future Soldier has on the Army as a whole. Leadership is a crucial component of that impression. The waya leader leads and looks matters. A campaign hat is just that; it symbolizes who is in that position, but it should never differentiate from who a person is as a leader. With that first impression comes a more significant responsibility to uphold the standards that Leaders want Trainees to have.
So why should it matter? Why should Leaders at all levels care to uphold standards? An NCO has been in for years, and a Trainee has been in for days, maybe weeks. Well, because it is our duty as NCOs to lead by example. The NCO creed states, “Competence is my watchword.” Dictionary.
com says that competence means “...possession
of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity”. The Drill Sergeant Creed states, “I will lead by example, never requiring a Soldier to attempt any task I would notdo myself.” When I read those words, they give me the ownership, and they tell me the type of leader I must be. If I follow the words in the creeds, they give me a foundation and allow me to set the tone for carrying myself and what others should expect in a leader. What
is the reason that a leader sways from their responsibilities and fails to uphold standards?
36 Jackson Journal
1SG Janet Gary

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