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                 United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson ISSUE NO. 23: July 2021
   Featured Articles
38 Time Management for Stress Management
1SG Shane Hill
There is no getting around it; the BCT environment is stressful for Drill Sergeants.
42 Communication is Vital for Successful Platoon Leadership
1SG Robert Hordern
The success of a Platoon in the United States Army depends largely on the Platoon Sergeant’s (PSG) effectiveness and the Platoon Leader’s ability to work together as a team and communicate decisively with one another.
46 Deeds over Words in the IET Environment
1SG Darren Jefferson
Emotions are likely all over the place as a Trainee arrives at Fort Jackson.
50 The Evolution of a Female Soldier
LTC Lynette Jones
Several years ago, I attended a birthday party for my Godmother that consisted mainly of senior citizens. During this party, I sat down and began a wonderful conversation with a woman, Lori, who happened to be in her 80s.
52 Building Team Cohesion Among Trainees, Leveraging Diversity, Equity, And
1SG Adam J. Kolar
Building teams from a diverse population is nothing new to the Army.
54 Investing in People
COL Renee’ T. MacDonald
The 2020 Army People Strategy is the foundation of readiness, modernization, and reform.
56 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) amongst Trainees
1SG Edward J. Moore Jr.
The impacts of DEI personally and professionally are both rewarding and challenging.
60 Mindfulness and Yoga in BCT: A Battalion Commander’s Perspective
LTC Daniel L. Rausch
On 16 July 2020, the 3rd Battalion 34th Infantry Regiment and the 2nd Battalion 60th Infantry Regiment were tasked by TRADOC, CIMT, and the Fort Jackson Army Training Center to conduct a Mindfulness and Yoga pilot program in support of initiatives under the Army’s Holistic
Health and Fitness (H2F) System.

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