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                 Research Institute (ARI) Research Product, 2018-11 (A Guide for Effective Platoon Leader – Platoon Sergeant Co-Leadership, 2018, p. 1), “The platoon leader (PL) – platoon sergeant (PSG) leadership team is a unique and influential pair of roles
that exist in the Army. The working relationship between the PL and PSG can significantly affect the platoon (e.g., climate). It involves the development of officers throughout the remainder of their careers and can influence NCO development. Army doctrine clarifies that the relationship between officers and NCOs is critical to the success of the U.S. Army.
It is not uncommon for relationships to encounter difficulties, though, and certain partnerships, or aspects of teamwork, may prove challenging for those in leadership roles. Improving the relationship between a PL and
their PSG enhances the success of the unit and the effectiveness of the U.S. Army.”
In closing, it may be necessary for leadership teams to reassess themselves periodically and redefine aspects of their partnership when needed. For some NCOs, the question “What is my platoon leader’s role?” may remain. A platoon leader leads their platoon, regardless of the unit type or mission. Respect them, support them, obey their orders and earn their trust. Be mindful of the lessons you teach them, whether intentional or not – You are shaping our future commanders.
1SG Cappa is the First Sergeant of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Regiment, 165th Infantry Brigade.
Army Research Institute. (2018) A Guide for Effective Platoon Leader – Platoon Sergeant Co-Leadership (Research Product 2018-11). Retrieved from
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