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As I Exit the Stage
BG Milford H. Beagle, Jr.
As I prepare to change command and leave Fort Jackson, I felt obligated to provide my final and parting thoughts.
Servant Leadership in Basic Combat Training
CPT Wendy Almengor
Fort Jackson is the largest training center in the Army, with over 45,000 volunteer civilians entering yearly, hoping to become part of the Army team.
 20 Leadership
SFC Amelia C. Alston
The road to recovery from gender inequality in the military and America will always be a complex discussion. In my opinion, female service members and non-gender specific service members are not treated with the same dignity and respect as their male counterparts.
22 Soldier Seeking Help is a Good Thing
1SG Brian E. Blackmore
Seeking healthcare services such as visiting a psychiatrist is a good thing, but stigma and beliefs are the chief hurdles.
28 Platoon Leaders in the Army Basic Combat Training Company
1SG Joseph S. Cappa
Leaders have expressed mixed reactions to the assignment of lieutenants as platoon leaders within Basic Combat Training (BCT) companies.
30 An Effective BCT First Sergeant: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
1SG Ben Connell
Company First Sergeant is the most demanding yet rewarding position I have served.
32 How is the Team? Building Teams at the BCT Company.
CPT Elliot Freeman
Taking the position as Company Commander was a terrifying experience for me. Of all the times
a thorough handoff is needed, this is one of those times.
36 The Importance of Deeds Over Words in an IET Environment:
We Preach Standards to the Trainees, but Why Can’t Every
Leader Uphold Those Same Standards?
1SG Janet Gary
Basic Combat Training, United States Army Drill Sergeant, Trainee, Fort Jackson, those few words have different feelings to different people.
 Jackson Journal
 Brigadier General Patrick R. Michaelis Commander, USATC and Fort Jackson
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