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                 is those around you, particularly subordinates
who are inspired to act and become great leaders because of the example you have shown them.
The Army is filled with leaders who accomplish
the mission in different ways. However, the role
of a leader is most fundamentally to help their subordinates succeed. People are the number one priority in the Army, symbolizing that leaders must put service before themselves.
Effective leaders are teachable and lead with
a humble heart. With stewardship at the heart of the Army profession, servant leadership offers a multitude of opportunities to lead and develop others and opportunities to solicit feedback from subordinates for the leader to grow. Leaders must maintain life-long learners, teaching and learning through the development of oneself and others, reading, using lessons learned, and best practices. After providing the team with the resources they
need to accomplish the mission, a leader must maintain an environment in which the team can succeed. When leaders give a bit of themselves for the greater good of the organization, those within the organization are most apt to give back, helping to achieve mission success.
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18 Jackson Journal
CPT Almengor is the Commander of Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade.

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