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                 As I Exit
  must remain committed to our values of selfless service and the goal of humility in all that we do.
Flexible and Adaptable: In my 3-year tenure, Fort Jackson has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability at a scale that is hard to place into words. My fear is a loss of this overall agility over time. I stated early in my tenure that the desire always to be relevant and a lack of action going forward will cause us to slip into irrelevance slowly. Future budgets will be tight, and change will come. As I depart, I hope that the ability to sustain our agility remains.
I hope that I didn’t wander or drift too far from my main goal of this article: to highlight a few of my parting thoughts. Commanding an installation in my home state of South Carolina has been one of the key highlights of my career. More importantly, it has been an honor to be a part of a mission for our Army that is critical. Before my arrival to FT Jackson, the FORSCOM commander called me
and stated, “Remember, the Army goes however
FT Jackson goes.” This was all the guidance I ever needed and the only guidance that FT Jackson needs to remain focused on excellence. I will always hold a warm spot in my heart for Team Jackson as Pam, and I exit stage left. Victory! Starts Here!
BG Beagle is the former Commander of the United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson and now Commands the 10th Mountain Division.
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