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                  AS I EXIT THE STAGE
  As I prepare to change command and leave Fort Jackson, I felt obligated to provide my final and parting thoughts. I have always encouraged and advocated reading and improving our written skills as leaders and professionals. Although I will never proclaim to be an expert in either, I find great joy in the pursuit of becoming better at both. My parting thoughts as I leave command will be captured in a much often used framework; the good, the bad, and the ugly. As I searched for a framework or outline to package my thoughts, I frequently returned to this framework in particular.
I have had the privilege and honor as only 1 in
5 of the 51 Fort Jackson Commanding Generals
to serve beyond the standard 2-year or less tour. Once I found out that I would be extended for a 3-year in command, I contacted two of the five and invited them to my office for separate conversations regarding lessons learned during their 3-year tour. Both BG (ret) James Schwitters and LTG (ret) William Bolt were very gracious and generous with their time as they have been throughout my tenure. Common to both, they provided a similar theme “things will be different.” LTG Bolt went on to say that “something big/major will happen in your 3rd year.” And boy, did he nail this point on the head! To say that things were different in comparison to
BG Milford H. Beagle Jr.
years 1 and 2 is an understatement. In this regard, the sage advice and wisdom of those who have gone before us are priceless, regardless of the timeframe or changes over time.
Part of my goal for this article is to outline leadership and command lessons that you can leverage in your career as a leader or, in some
cases, if you ever find yourself in the TRADOC environment again. You may not find many of them practical for your current use, but I promise that you will leverage some, if not all, of them before your career is complete.
As a general summary of three years in command, I will provide where I started and where I think Team Jackson and I are ending after my three years in command. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the two years of brigade command I held at Fort Jackson, S.C. Certainly, two years
of brigade command do not equate to serving
as a Senior Commander (SC) or Commanding General (CG.) In these positions, you wear both hats simultaneously daily, which other than the Commanding General, most do not fully grasp or understand this complexity.
In total, 5-years is my actual time spent in TRADOC and Fort Jackson. Having served with
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