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                I encourage leaders at all levels to read the Jackson Journal and submit articles for future publication. One of the best ways to become an expert in our profession is to turn your thoughts and ideas into the written word. I am especially interested in our Drill Sergeants, First Sergeants, Platoon Leaders and Company Commanders’ views on improving training and leading Soldiers in BCT.
The Fort Jackson mission is vital and demands the very best in all of us. Our legacy must be one of selfless service, strong and competent leadership, and positive impact. I genuinely want to thank every Soldier, NCO, Officer, and Army Civilian in our formation for your admirable professionalism and untiring commitment, day-in and day-out leading, training, and supporting the future Soldiers of our great Army. No one does this mission better than you, and I am proud to be part of this great team.
Victory! Starts Here!
Milford H. Beagle, Jr. BG, USA

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