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LTC Mike Penney
 “Self-Awareness: an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality” – Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
In the fall of 2019, when the new Army Chief of Staff stepped into his role, he made his priorities clear to all. General McConville
stated, “Winning matters, and People are my number one priority.” The Army’s people, Soldiers, family members, civilians, and those who have served previously, are the force’s backbone. As the TRADOC commander, GEN Funk’s, fundamental #25 states...The Army is a People Business. That backbone joins the Army, stays in the Army, and ultimately depart when their mission is complete... to hopefully continue to support the Army outwardly, and help keep the system intact for future generations to come. Good leaders and good organizational leadership along the way are unique ingredients that help to keep this system on track. Good organizational leadership requires effective leaders who continue to develop and hone their skills and style throughout their career, recognizing that the Army’s people really are what matters. Effective leadership requires a self-aware leader.
In this article, I’ll look at leader self-awareness and how it affects an organization. We’ll look at what self-awareness is, why it matters, how to develop it and how to maintain accurate self- awareness as an Army leader continues to progress through a career. It is essential to understand
this aspect of leadership. A lack of leader self- awareness can profoundly affect an organization, ultimately leading to disenchanted people: Soldier, former Soldier, family member, or civilian. This disenchantment can erode the system over time. On the contrary, the self-aware leader helps
foster that awareness in future leaders, ultimately enhancing the system.
What is Self-Awareness?
There is no shortage of information on the
topic of self-awareness concerning leaders and organizational leadership. A quick internet
search will provide you a myriad of sources on
the subject, with variances in definition, how to personally cultivate it, and why it is so essential to effective leadership. Webster’s dictionary defines self-awareness as merely an awareness of one’s personality or individuality. In the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (which is staple reading on self- awareness and emotional intelligence), authors Bradberry and Greaves define it as your ability
to accurately perceive your own emotions at the moment and understand your tendencies across situations. Again, there are numerous to pick from, all hitting on the same basic premise... know yourself and how you react at certain times.
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