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                  committee is led by a senior master marksman trained at the Army’s Marksmanship Master Trainer Course (MMTC). This master marksman
is responsible for ensuring standards are met, and training is consistent among the five company
level master marksmen. This body of master marksmen trains the Drill Sergeants and Cadre
to the same standard and level of proficiency. Any changes to teaching style, training aids, concurrent training, etc., must be vetted through the Battalion’s marksmanship committee.
During the legacy qualification, the Trainees were able to take their time and had fewer stressors emplaced upon them. The new rifle marksmanship qualification produced a more rounded shooter with an increased weapons familiarity and the ability to think critically. Trainees are now reaching the same level of confidence, and proficiency by RM 6 (qualification) instead of the buddy team
live fire (RM13). The Trainees understand rifle marksmanship fundamentals better and realize that safety procedures are paramount. The Trainees
LTC O’Donnell is the Commander of 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, 165th Infantry Brigade and SSG Casner is a Drill Sergeant for 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, 165th Infantry Brigade
have more confidence in themselves while engaging up to four targets simultaneously, are more comfortable working from their kit and managing their workspaces, and move with a loaded weapon from one fighting position to the next.
Additionally, the Trainees need to keep count of their rounds, perform immediate action if required, and learn to transition quickly to the next level
of engagement. These differences offer challenges the legacy qualification did not. The trainees are motivated to conduct the new rifle marksmanship qualification and prove they are capable and competent shooters.
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