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 Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 34 Infantry Regiment, Fort Jackson, SC started using the new rifle marksmanship program during cycle 19-03 with one platoon. All four platoons in A/1-34 IN conducted the new rifle marksmanship qualification in cycle 19-04. The company’s initial involvement in the new rifle marksmanship pilot led to all five companies conducting the new program by cycle 20-02. Figure 1 below shows the six-month glide path from inception to execution.
positions. The first magazine consisted of 20 rounds, fired from the prone supported position. The shooters were told to transition to magazine number two with 10 rounds and move to the prone unsupported position. The third 10 round magazine was fired from the kneeling unsupported position. Shooters took all commands from the tower (load, fire, reload, lock, and clear), and there were never more than two targets up at one time. There are
far fewer moving pieces to this qualification, and there is almost triple the amount of time allotted
to each shooter. The iteration took between 12-18 minutes, and it would take all day to shoot an entire company with a complete fill.
Trainees received their weapons near the
end of week 1 and initially began focusing on fundamentals. The trainees were taught weapon safety, proper handling techniques, dime and washer drills, lateral dispersion, and grouping and zeroing. The trainees were taught how to set up their front load carriers, but did not focus on magazine changes and workspace manipulation. Additionally, Trainees were not taught to shoot from barriers until they reached the buddy
team live-fire barricade and standing behind a barricade. In this qualification, the shooter must conduct magazine changes from their workspace and transition between the firing positions as
Figure 1: Rifle Marksmanship Glide Path from April to October 2019
The legacy qualification called for 40 rounds fired from three magazines and three firing
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