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                  The Army defines loyalty as bearing true faith and allegiance to the Army, the U.S. Constitution, the unit, and other Soldiers. To bear faith and allegiance means to have confidence in, trust, commit and devote yourself and your time to someone or something. A loyal Soldier who supports their superiors stands up for fellow Soldiers and what is right. To be dedicated to
the Army, unit, and other Soldiers during this pandemic means to extend influence beyond the chain of command. The leaders that make rules and regulations cannot always be there to enforce the standard. The chain of command plans the mission and expresses what needs to be done. It is then up to the Drill Sergeants to enforce the standard, lead by example, trust leadership, and commit to the Army’s long-term goals.
The second Army value is duty. Duty simply means doing what you’re supposed to do.
Doing your specific duty means more than just accomplishing your assigned work. Duty means being able to finish jobs as a part of a team. The Army is a conglomerate of duties like puzzle pieces, all coming together to form a giant picture. I compare the Army to building a house. Each part
is essential to the completion as a whole. Any job not done to standard will have consequences on the house. My duty as a Drill Sergeant is to receive the mission from the command team and execute it. Teach the trainees to embrace the minor details that make our Army stand above others. The mission is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by wearing my mask the proper way. Not only do I have to wear my mask the appropriate way, but I must ensure to uphold the standard and enforce trainees to do the same.
All of the Army Values are important, but specific values have more personal meaning to me. Respect is an Army value that has always stood out amongst the others to me. Respect is merely treating people the way you would like
to be treated. Sometimes this Army value seems to be lost as people acquire rank. There’s even an ongoing game that some leaders play called rock, paper, rank! Respect is truly about not putting yourself above someone. At any moment, your life can change, and you could be in the very same position as the person you treat wrong. Another
example is the various videos on the news of
people barging into stores without wearing a mask. These individuals seem to feel that the rules don’t apply to them. They seem to be frustrated with the pandemic and disregard the warnings of the experts concerning our health. The lack of respect and
care of these individuals puts the rest of the world at risk. Frequently, people don’t respect others’ feelings until a situation occurs in their life that resembles the one they disregarded. Let us show respect to each other by considering others’ feelings and having some sense of empathy.
Considering the feelings of others is a way of showing respect. Selfless service is the Army value that takes respect to the next level. The Army
does not want us to consider the feelings of other people simply. The Army wants each Soldier to put other people’s welfare, the Army, and the country above our desires. Most of the men and women serving the country in the Army are in good physical condition. Due to most soldiers’ physical conditioning and age, we are less likely to experience life-threatening complications due to COVID-19. However, it is still imperative that we have selfless service and do our part to eliminate the virus’s spread. Many of our fellow Soldiers have loved ones that are more susceptible to severe complications if they acquire the virus. To truly show selfless service at this time means for us to put the health of others above our desire for mere comfort.
All enlisted personnel in the Army raise their right hand and recite the oath of enlistment. We each have committed with varying terms and have a contract. The Army value, honor, means to fulfill your commitment. Unlike professional athletes, we do not have the option to refrain from coming to work because we feel that we deserve more than we agreed upon. We all have freedom of choice, but the consequences of our choices are more severe than
a professional athlete asking for an extra million dollars. Honor is not only a matter of fulfilling a contract. Honor is carrying ourselves in a military manner consistently. It is not enough to be a
good Soldier three or four days a week. Likewise, we will have difficulty as a country defeating the COVID-19 virus if we do not consistently wear our mask the proper way and maintain social distance.
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