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                 his speech while looking into each congressional representative’s eyes. President Roosevelt also spoke in an intense and somber tone. The non-verbal actions he took all play into how body language affects leadership (Carol, 2018). With this speech, he convinced Congress to vote and declare war against the Empire of Japan.
A big part of being a leader is trust. Trust makes people feel eager and willing to be a part of a group or organization (Dennis, 2018). As Drill Sergeants, we are entrusted by our commanders, the trainees, and the people of the United States of America to effectively instill knowledge and discipline into
the Soldiers of tomorrow. Suppose I am yelling at
a group of trainees to sit up in their chairs and pay attention to the block of instructions. Then I go off to the side of the classroom and layback in a chair, not caring what the trainees are discussing. The trainees will lose not only their trust in me but also their faith in my leadership abilities. Drill Sergeants also have the Commander’s confidence to produce the most capable, lethal, and professional men and women for America’s fighting force. A commander trusts that all he or she must do is to give a group of civilians to a Drill Sergeant and that Drill Sergeant will perform the task of transforming civilians into Soldiers. When a Drill Sergeant instills discipline but does not discipline themselves, it breaks all that trust.
Communication is a two-way street; information is given, and information is received, and an essential part of communication involves the use
of body language. While listening to someone, it is important to look them in the eye; it shows interest in what the person says to you. If sitting down, hold your torso erect and resist writing. It shows that you are still paying attention and have an interest in what is being said. Extending the legs outright and leaning back in your chair is an example of poor posture, which portrays an uncaring demeanor. This body language display will make the speaker believe that you are not interested in the training.
If you are the one that is “up front,” teaching or speaking, it is imperative to be mindful of what your body language is portraying. Although you might sound like you know what you are talking about if you are sitting down in a chair with feet propped up on a desk and just “talking” to your listeners. They will not take you seriously. The lack
of self-discipline displayed as a Drill Sergeant is contagious to the trainees. The best quality of a trainee is that they are like a sponge, willing to soak up everything a Drill Sergeant has to say to them. Unfortunately, this also means the trainee will observe and perhaps emulate every aspect of your body language, both good and bad.
Listening plays a vital part in communication, and it is probably the most important. Your
ability to listen affects everything you do. Actively listening is a trait that every leader should have. As a leader, you want as much information as possible to execute the Commander’s intent. Active listening is a technique used in counseling, training, and solving disputes or conflicts. It requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond,
and then remember the discussed topic. When the speaker realizes that you have given your undivided attention by merely nodding or sitting up straight and taking notes, it will motivate them to continue and provide much more information, which in the military is very important.
You are a brand-new Drill Sergeant and in the middle of your first cycle preparing to instruct a group of trainees on conducting land navigation. When in the middle of your preparation, Drill Sergeant Vasbinder comes over to you and says, “I’ll take care of this class, watch me to see how it’s done.” Drill Sergeant Vasbinder has been a Drill Sergeant for two full years and has volunteered for a third year. All his peers look to Drill Sergeant Vasbinder for guidance when they are not sure on what needs to be done or how to properly execute
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