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70 Effective and Ineffective Approaches to Team Building
LTC Daniel L. Rausch
The Army defines team building as a continuous process of enabling a group of people to reach their goals and improve their effectiveness through leadership and various exercises, activities, and techniques (ATP 6-22.6, 2015).
74 A Look at Leadership Through the Eyes of a Clinician
MAJ Brian E. Stoltenberg
As student clinicians make their way through the education process, the concept of Evidence- Based Practice defines how they should approach their career to maximize patient outcomes.
76 Connectedness and Resilience: An Interpersonal Approach to
Suicide Prevention in Basic Combat Training (BCT)
LTC Terrence Soule
There is an ongoing mental health crisis in America that is affecting all layers of society.
80 Evolving The FORGE– BCT’s Waypoint 2028 for Producing a
Multi-Domain Capable Soldier
LTC Joshua A. Taylor
With a shift toward large scale combat operations (LSCOs) within a Multi-Domain Operating (MDO) environment, it is important to ask what are the core tasks and skills the US Army will need from ALL Soldiers upon graduation from basic combat training (BCT).
86 Reflection Writing
SFC Ryan Tuell
In this article, I will be recounting a recent experience of bad decision making and not holding up the standards within the Profession of Arms.
90 Perceptions
SSG Young
We are often judged by others on their perception of us, using our actions and words to determine our character; but what is perception?
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