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                 “The things my Father taught me.” Major Zembiec routinely referred to his list, and as a result, every man and woman that came in contact with him talked about the influence and impact Major Zembiec had on them. Here is his list:
- Be a man of principle.
- Fight for what you believe in.
- Keep your word.
- Live with integrity.
- Be brave.
- Believe in something bigger than yourself.
- Serve your country.
- Teach.
- Mentor.
- Give something back to society.
- Lead from the front.
- Conquer your fears.
- Be a good friend.
- Be humble and be self-confident.
- Appreciate your friends and family.
- Be a leader, not a follower.
- Be valorous on the field of battle.
- Take responsibility for your actions.
- Never forget those that were killed.
- Never let rest those that killed them.
I challenge all the readers to sit down and make a list of their values. Refer to them often, especially when times get rough, and strive to live up to them every single day. Reducing misconduct is a team effort that can be accomplished through setting a good example, ensuring trust exists up and down the ranks, and instilling a set of shared values
that can be relied upon when the mission or life gets tough. Using SDT to nurture principles of increased performance (autonomy, competence, and relatedness) can help all leaders build a strong team built on the foundation of trust.
Some tangible actions that can be implemented at the Company and Battalion level include: Continue to hold sensing sessions, take it one
step further by immediately taking action on two to three things that your subordinates bring up. Identify and bring in informal leadership (locker room leaders) within your ranks, give them more responsibility and let them know that you’re counting on them. Develop a unit standard that everyone will be held to. Make it achievable, fun, and something that you can see progress in (ACFT, RM, Skill level 1 tasks). Write down your values, share them with the team, and lead by example.
Be an intrusive leader. Talk to people about tough issues that they may be experiencing. Ensure they know that We can provide advice, resources, time, and help for any issue they may be experiencing. These efforts can reduce misconduct within our ranks and make our team stronger; contributing to a more agile and lethal force, ready to fight our Nation’s conflicts.
Sustaining Unit Discipline
 LTC Collins is the Commander of 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 165th Infantry Brigade.
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