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One of the most difficult things to accomplish on a TRADOC installation is a sense of team. On divisional level installations, such as the 82nd Airborne, 101st Infantry Division or the 10th Mountain Division, the division already has an overarching identity, lineage, and history. The central mission of a division is
the common focal point for support, unity of effort, and continuity for the rest of the installation. We have
a historical lineage at Fort Jackson that is unrivaled by any divisional post. But a unifying and common command and control structure is not the norm on our or any other TRADOC installation. Based on a variety of tenant units which are often referred to as “Partners in Excellence”; each with a different chain of command and command and control structure, it is a challenge to establish a true sense of unity and team cohesion.
Nevertheless, something different is occurring at Fort Jackson. One of the CG’s routine sayings is, “We all have one label...Fort Jackson.” Individual Soldiers and Army Civilians, units, and other tenant organizations are all identified by their association to Fort Jackson regardless of good news, bad news, or the command and control chain in which they report. In this sense, you can report to IMCOM, MEDCOM, or CIMT to name a few, but the fact remains that you are located at Fort Jackson which becomes the “label” under which your unit operates.
Over the course of the past 12 months, Fort Jackson has been “winning” in
a collective way. Some say all of the stars are simply aligning at the right time, others say it is simply luck, and still others say it is all one big coincidence. We wouldn’t discredit any of those views, but add that one thing has proven itself to be true for many years; winning is contagious. Our unifying theme has become winning at an unprecedented level.
The feeling of a sense of purpose, knowing that the individual and organizational efforts are appreciated, and that hard work produces top results is a good feeling and it spreads as rapidly as wildfire. Fort Jackson has received many accolades in its 102 year history and we would venture to say that
never has our installation received, earned, and won, so many accolades in such a short time and across the breadth of our installation. In this sense, we have proven that we have committed, hardworking, and talented individuals and organizations. It also expresses to the outside that we respect and value teamwork.
A sense of team is very difficult to achieve and sustain at an installation as diverse as Fort Jackson and yet we are doing it. We are winning! And within the intent of the 40th CSA, we are doing it the right way; with cooperation, espirit de corps, and good old-fashioned teamwork.
Customer Service
Providing great customer service across the entire installation is another important aspect of our culture that we are collectively working on to improve. In his 14 November 2019 column in the Fort Jackson Leader titled, Good or Bad Customer Service... the Choice is Ours, the CG outlined his thoughts on this issue and what we must do as a team to provide “great customer service.” We believe everyone on our installation is in the customer service business. From battalion commander to gate guard to school teacher; we all provide a service. We want to be known for providing and delivering professional, helpful and high-quality service.
Google the word strategy and you will find an endless amount of definitions, articles, books and consulting firms all promoting their unique twist on what strategy means to them. Our outlook on strategy is simple and to the point, in an environment of limited resources (time, people and money), what is our plan to improve Fort Jackson from its current state to our desired future state (our vision).
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