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                Better Today Than Yesterday
How a command focus on organizational climate, culture and strategy is improving Fort Jackson, SC every day.
Michael Ryan
 Since taking command of Fort Jackson, SC in June 2018, BG Milford “Beags” Beagle Jr., along with commanders and leaders at every level of the organization, have spent a tremendous amount of energy and effort in improving and shaping Fort Jackson’s climate, culture and strategy. One of the highlights
of this endeavor is the understanding by all that, unlike flipping on a light switch, change will not occur overnight at Fort Jackson. Everyone realizes that creating positive, long-term change will require a deliberate, focused and consistent effort every day. When talking to Soldiers, Army Civilians, Family members and the local community about the future of Fort Jackson, BG Beagle often uses the analogy that it is not about the crops we harvest today, but the seeds that we plant for the future.
My intent in writing this article is twofold. First, I want to highlight a few of the unique approaches we have taken collectively as an organization to improve our climate, culture and strategy. Secondly, to show that, no matter what level you are leading Soldiers or Army Civilians, you can apply these basic ideas and principles to improve your own organization’s climate, culture and focus on the future (your strategy). Legendary UCLA Bruins basketball coach John Wooden, winner of ten NCAA National championships in a 12-year period eloquently summed up the value of constant daily improvement:
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