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                mostly learn on the job from fellow leaders. Unless you have had extensive prior Army experience, as lieutenants, we oftften do not have much experience and for those who have had prior service time, your new role as an offifficer is difffferent especially in a BCT environment. Our willingness to learn, as well as networking is critical to our development, so we must always keep our ear to the ground and when we’re taught something new, we should also go out of our way to teach others. If your platoon tried something and it wasn’t successful during your
duty week, you should be humble enough to inform your peers of the learning experience so they can be successful. Your company will benefifit most from these tactics in the long run!
Go the Extra Mile!
When tasked with something from your company commander or asked to volunteer,
always go the extra mile because you can only benefifit from it and help your organization. Aftfter 14 years of Army experience, I have determined that attempting to exceed the standard always improves your organization. ThThis is not to out-
do your peers or boast about an accomplishment, but it rather breeds excellence within your organization. ThThe same way your attitude is contagious, your performance is as well because everyone around you will see and try to mimic you. Always remember to congratulate those who have accomplished greatness through hard work because this selflflessness fuels your subordinates, peers, and leaders to also do the same.
Remain Mentally Fit
Protecting your positive thoughts is paramount to the success of your organization. When you hear negative comments around your organization, you as a Platoon Leader, should always try to inflfluence that leader to see the brighter side of things. Being mentally fifit, in my eyes, requires a constant effffort because oftften times our daily mission in the
Army is both challenging and tiring. It takes a mature leader to remain positive through adversity and actively seek to change the minds of others. Platoon Leaders should adopt a balance from Army and home life in order to be a mentally fifit leader and inflfluence others. If you are having a bad day, it’s in your platoon’s best interest that you fifix it before entering your bay doors because we must at all costs, steward the profession!
Get Your Hands Dirty!
As a junior offifficer, never be afraid to get your hands dirty from time to time because this will help you build upon your leadership within your platoon. When your NCOs and subordinates see you working hard and unafraid to handle tasks outside of your realm, it earns you respect because they see that you can also do what you ask of them. Most of all, we are all humans and need help from time to time, so exercising humility and helping others can be all that someone needs to get through their
w w o o r r k k d d a a y y. . B B e e that leader who leads from the front!
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Administrative Duties
As Platoon Leaders, you will be tasked with numerous additional duties and tasks that will most oftften have short suspense’s. You should always try to remain ahead of your duties and provide precise data for your platoon in order to assist the company in meeting the higher echelon’s intent. ThThe Digital Training Management System (DTMS) is a system that all Platoon Leaders should become profificient with to ensure all training data is collected and

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