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                 although we all have different jobs in the Army,
we are all one team, working together for the same purpose; for that straight line. When running for oneself, it is difficult to not run dry, but running for a team, for Fort Jackson, has only motivated me further. I am no longer just running for me, but for us.
That is why, to my surprise, I am still running.
I thought when I joined the Army I had left my racing flats behind. Here I am, choosing to pursue running just a bit more, this time to represent Fort Jackson at the 2020 Summer Olympic marathon trials in Atlanta. Initially, I did not think much about running when I got the e-mail informing
me I was qualified for the Olympic Trials. Later,
I realized I could run for my team, and that it would not just be me on that starting line. So I am working very hard to represent my brothers and sisters who are working just as hard. I am motivated
because I feel the whole Army is going to be running those 26.2 miles right beside me in spirit.
In closing, at some point in life, we all find ourselves running a race for our personal goals, desires, and aspirations. So I challenge you with this: Why do you run?
2LT Chelanga is currently a Platoon Leader with Delta Company, 1-13th Infantry Battalion, 193rd Infantry Brigade. He was an alternate in the 10,000 meters event for the U.S. Olympic team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. After 10 years he still holds the U.S. Collegiate Record in Track and Field in the Men’s 10,000 meters with a run time of 27:08.49.
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