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                   Iread once that if you are looking to find ‘justice’, it may be best to look at ‘injustice’. C.S. Lewis said “A man does not call a line crooked unless
he has some idea of a straight line.” He argued that we only know justice because of the existence of injustice.
Negativity grows by feeding on our strengths and turning them into weaknesses. If we can picture our life as a sphere and everything we do
is confined inside it, I reckon darkness will be working overtime to compress it and to diminish it. It preys on our strengths and tries to feed us lies, leaving one bloated and empty inside. It deceives one into thinking their worth is so valuable that it becomes difficult to see clearly the worth in others around you. It is the injustice of pride.
The foundation of the Army is built on the straight line. It is not only working for the worth
and value of others, but we fight for it. After joining the Army I was presented with the opportunity to run the Army Ten Miler. I ran to represent Fort Jackson. I told myself I would run for the joy and to represent my new brothers and sisters that I met in this Profession of Arms. In my mind, Fort Jackson was my house to proudly represent. Every day, I pushed myself hard. After work I would grind miles on the trails and I did not quite understand why.
Now months after the Army Ten Miler, I am beginning to see why. Running for Fort Jackson has brought so much joy back to running for me. Wearing Fort Jackson across my chest has trumped all of the many cool jerseys I have won over the years. As I run these 14 mile tempos, these 24 mile long runs, and sprint 40 laps around the track during workouts, I think of my people back at Fort Jackson. I dig a little deeper and push just a little harder, for I know we are all working. I know that
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