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                yourself,” (Oprah Winfrey). A mentor provides motivation and inspires you to increase your skills and look at alternate options in your career path.
The Role of the Mentee
How do you find a quality mentor and what
can you expect from the mentor? You can pursue another Soldier or Army Civilian that is in the same career field or the position you aspire to achieve. An active mentor that is interested in your career will establish a plan with you, explore alternative routes for your career, and establish meeting times that work for both of your schedules. According to AR 600-100, “assessment, feedback, and guidance are critical within the mentoring relationship and must be valued by the mentee in order for growth and development to occur.” Once you contact a potential mentor, ask if they have time to provide feedback or guidance on your intended career
path. Meet with the mentor and seek to establish
a long-term mentee mentor relationship. Set up periodic visits or phone calls with this mentor. It may be challenging to find a dedicated professional with the time, knowledge, and experience to assist you through your career. The more feedback and experience you receive, the better choices you will make about your career. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn,” (Benjamin Franklin). A treasured mentor will brainstorm ideas about career choices, discuss or provide opportunities for valuable training, and look for path openings related to your job.
In conclusion, there are many benefits from mentorship that include; developing individuals, building the collective team, and the entire organization. The role of the mentor in any organization is to empower employees, build a succession plan, and retain employees. The role of
a mentee is to receive qualified and experienced guidance from a mentor that can assist in developing you to reach your full potential. The question I will leave you with is, what can you do as a leader to develop a team member? My answer is ‘mentorship.’
COL Renee’ T. MacDonald is the Deputy Commanding Officer of the United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson.
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