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                in my career choices regardless if I had a mentor or not. You cannot expect others to provide you the plan for your career but using a mentor will strengthen the possibilities of your career. “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and help them navigate a course to their destination,” (John C. Maxwell).
One of the three competencies in the Leader Requirements Model in Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 6-22, Army Leadership and The Profession, is develop. This competency is directly aligned with mentorship. Army professional development is defined as the “deliberate and continuous process
of education, training and experience,” (AR 600- 100). We have an obligation to prepare our future leaders, to develop them and share knowledge. It
is critical that we invest in individual development to build effective teams. Success demands a fine balance of teaching, counseling, coaching, and mentoring.” Teaching, counseling, and coaching
are intermittent types of interactions between a supervisor and employee that may last one time,
a few weeks, months or for years. In addition to ADP 6-22, there is an Army developmental tool called the Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF). “The feedback increases self-awareness
by identifying gaps in perception and by providing specific information regarding a leader’s strengths and developmental needs. MSAF is applicable
to all cohorts -- officers and warrant officers, noncommissioned officers and Army Civilians
-- and both Active and Reserve components,” (Leader, 2012). One of the sub-programs within the MSAF is Leader360. “Leader 360 is self-initiated and provides military and Army Civilian leaders feedback from their non-Army superiors, peers, and subordinates,” (AR 600-100, p7). This feedback is used to identify personal and professional development needed.
One of the Tenets of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) concept is building Multi-Domain Formations. One of the focus areas is to maximize human potential. Developing our human capital (personnel) through training will help us retain
the technical and professional expertise we need to enhance our capability in providing a MDO capable Army in 2028. Not only do we need personnel that are physically and mentally equipped to succeed in MDO, we need to identify those personnel that we can develop and mentor to succeed in MDO.
The Role of the Mentor
The mentor is the ultimate role model, confidant, and someone that is interested in
seeing you succeed in your career. The mentor shares personal and professional knowledge and experience with the mentee to assist in mapping a productive path for success. Many service members
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