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                 From the Commanding General
In her bestselling book, Mindset: The Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck - professor at Stanford University- explains how her research shows that people who have a growth mindset welcome challenges as opportunities to improve, believing that their abilities can change with focused effort. People with fixed mindsets, on the other hand, prefer tasks they can already do well and avoid ones on which they may make mistakes.
As the Army’s largest training center for Basic Combat Training (BCT), we are also, in essence, the Army’s largest learning laboratory. Every day at Fort Jackson, thousands of Trainees and Soldiers, as well as our cadre and leaders, are learning new skills. I believe that a Drill Sergeant or Instructor’s mindset can have a tremendous
impact on a Trainee’s or Soldier’s learning. Always ask yourself “How can I teach them?” not “Can I teach them?” and “How will they learn best?” not “Can they learn?” Also, get into the habit of using the word “Yet”, it is valuable and should be used frequently. When Soldiers say they can’t do something or are not good at something, we should add “Yet”. I encourage all leaders to take a growth mindset approach in developing their Soldiers and themselves.
There are numerous articles throughout this issue of the Jackson Journal that emphasize the importance and value of having a growth mindset. Three in particular that I want to highlight are SFC Thomas Mendoza’s article, “Maintaining the Balance”, where he examines the roles and challenges of a Platoon Sergeant / Senior Drill Sergeant in a BCT platoon. Second, is 1LT Ariana Rocha’s article, “An Open Challenge to Platoon Leaders.” 1LT Rocha expertly explains what all BCT PLs should focus on, while providing superb examples and questions to assess your performance. Finally, CPT Andrew College, in “Getting Benched”, thoughtfully discusses how having a growth mindset as a commander was the key to his company’s and his own success.
I highly encourage leaders at all levels to read the Jackson Journal and submit articles for future publications. One of the best ways to become an expert in our profession is to turn your thoughts and ideas into the written word. I am especially interested in our Drill Sergeants, First Sergeants, Platoon Leaders and Company Commanders thoughts on how to improve training and leading Soldiers in BCT.
Every day at Fort Jackson we are making a direct strategic contribution to Army readiness by consistently providing trained and ready Soldiers at a unique scale for our

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