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                 John Paul Jones and the Bonhomme Richard versus HMS Serapis
   On 23 September, 1779, the 42 gun Bonhomme Richard commanded by Commodore John Paul Jones engaged the British warship, HMS Serapis, commanded by Captain Richard Pearson. Initially, things didn’t go too well for the Americans. With his ship sinking and his colors shot away, Jones heard Captain Pearson inquire, “Has your ship struck?”
   Jones proceeded to ram his ship into the British ship. American sharpshooters helped clear the deck of British sailors, and, one of Jones’ men, hanging along a yard arm over the deck of HMS Serapis, dropped a grenade through a hatch on the Serapis that triggered a massive explosion. A few hours later, the British captain surrendered his ship to Jones.
The Bonhomme Richard was so badly damaged from the engagement that it sunk. No problem. Jones sailed away on his new boat, the Serapis.
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