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                 Treating Others With Respect Is a Core Value
LTC Amy Thompson, LTC Cleve Sylvester and MSG John Ahern
From ARMY magazine, September 2019. Copyright 2019 by the Association of the U.S. Army. Reproduced by permission.
“Mission first, people always” is a motto that rings true and cuts to the heart
of what the Army is about. The Army exists to deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars,
yet every aspect of operations remains a human
endeavor. A soldier is behind every weapons system, tank, aircraft, computer and decision made in order to accomplish the mission. It is a soldier, an American son or daughter, who takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution, who stands ready and courageously on point for the nation and who understands the sacrifice involved in being part of a purpose greater than self.
Soldiering is more than a job. It is a lifestyle,
a calling, a labor of love and a great privilege. Respect, both for oneself and others, is a value required of leaders and soldiers at all levels to build cohesive teams and allow mission accomplishment.
In order to accomplish the mission, the Army requires soldiers and leaders of character and competence committed to living the Army Values and performing their duty in accordance with the Army Ethic anytime, anywhere. The Army Ethic
is the heart of our shared professional identity as honorable servants to the nation. It defines our guiding moral principles and embodies our values,
ethos, creeds, oaths, standards and laws within the Army profession. To violate the Army Ethic is to break our sacred bond of trust with each other and society.
Respect, a core Army value integral within the Army Ethic, is fundamental to people’s lives and mission success. Respect begins within oneself and stems from dignity, a basic human right. Dignity comes from a place of value, worthiness and sense of self-respect. People are hardwired for belonging, connection, contribution and purpose. Although hardship, loss and struggle are realities of the human experience, stripping a person of dignity will always lead to suffering. Dignity allows human beings to persevere, engage, remain resilient and courageously strive in the world.
The Golden Rule
Respect in its purest form is the Golden Rule, to treat others how we want to be treated. As soldiers, we pledge to treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same. The Army Ethic calls on us to recognize the dignity and worth of all people, treat them with respect and compassion, and place others’ needs above our own. Respect leads us to give our best effort
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