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                 If words can lift our spirits, we should learn to use them in a manner whereby we can boost the spirits of others.
Listen to the words of the following story - it is sobering:
A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 10-year old son waiting for him at the door.
SON: “Daddy, may I ask you a question?”
DAD: “Yeah sure, what is it?”
SON: “Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”
DAD: “That’s none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?”
SON: “I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?”
DAD: “If you must know, I make $100 an hour.” SON: “Oh!” (with his head down).
SON: “Daddy, may I please borrow $50?”
The father was furious.
DAD: “If the only reason you asked is so you can buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard every day for such childish behavior.”
The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door. The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy’s questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?
After about an hour or so, the man calmed down, and started to think: Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that $50 and he really doesn’t ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy’s room and opened it.
DAD: “Are you asleep, son?”
SON: “No daddy, I’m awake”.
DAD: “I’ve been thinking, maybe I was too hard on
you earlier. It’s been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here’s the $50 you asked for.” The little boy sat straight up, smiling.
SON: “Oh, thank you daddy!”
Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out a handful of crumpled up bills.
The man saw that his son already had money and he started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.
DAD: “Why do you want more money if you already have some?”
SON: “Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do. Daddy, I have $100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.”
The father was crushed. He put his arms around his son, and begged for his forgiveness.
This story is just a short reminder to all of us who work so hard in life and oft times don’t realize the impact of our words in a moment of exhaustion and fatigue. We should not let time slip through our fingers without thinking seriously about the impact of the words we speak to loved ones and teammates who really matter to us, those close to our hearts.
If we die tomorrow, the units we are assigned
to could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family and friends we leave behind will feel that loss for the rest of their lives. How much more important it is then to ensure that every word
we utter to them is with utmost respect and love. Sobering indeed!!!
In the words of John Greenleaf Whittier: For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.
CH (COL) Milton Johnson is the Mission Command Chaplain for the United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson.
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