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                 routine time to provide clear guidance and leader/ position development. At a minimum the audience includes company supply sergeants, company executive officers (XO’s) and the BN S4 staff. Not all XO’s bring a logistic background to the BCT organization so it is imperative that weekly battle rhythms occur in order to get ahead of issues or concerns. We have also leveraged our S4 staff to provide multiple courtesy inspections that will provide that company leadership with an azimuth check well before any official inspection. Our meetings have a published agenda with due outs, attendees must be prepared to discuss issues/ concerns and we routinely discuss cross-leveling company supply rooms/operations within the battalion due to the projected unfilled positions. Good supply habits do not begin because of inspections, they are practiced and enforced through leadership oversight.
Challenge #2: Maintenance
I realize that in a BCT Battalion you might not have the same type of equipment that you may be familiar with or exercised, and employed in a FORSCOM unit. However, maintenance is
maintenance! You must still plan and track to completion to ensure your unit has what it needs to conduct its mission; whether it’s vehicles, equipment, or facilities. Understanding that BCT organizations rely heavily on IMCOM organizations to provide needed support and that there are competing requirements within the installation, one can forecast that maintenance activities might take more time to complete
than one is accustomed to. (Again, another telegraphed punch.) Ensuring the company XO’s are taking a holistic approach to planning will prevent inoperable equipment when needed. Also understanding the installation processes and systems will help expedite time on target to facilitate your organizations issues or concerns.
As previously mentioned, it is essential for the BN XO to ensure, at a minimum, weekly huddles are taking place with all company XO’s. Within that meeting, the focus should be on maintenance, work orders, supplies, purchase requisitions
and budgets which allows the BN to get ahead of any issues, concerns and provide assistance where needed. Establishing bi-monthly huddles with IMCOM organizations to facilitate cross-talk with
Logistical Challenges
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