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 Serving as a Basic Combat Training (BCT) Battalion (BN) Executive Officer (XO) is both a challenging and rewarding assignment for
any Major fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity. Rewarding as you are afforded the opportunity to impact the future of the Army by way of coaching, teaching, and mentoring officers, NCOs and Trainees. Challenging in the fact that there are many ‘unique’ situations associated
with this environment, specifically logistical related. To be successful as a BN XO, one must have the innate ability to think “outside the box”. Thinking outside the box and the ability/foresight to duck a “telegraphed punch” is not a new
norm; however, it is one that is critical to mission success. Regardless of the century or decade one served in the Armed Forces, logistics has always provided military forces with the resources needed to accomplish its mission. Army logistics falls into numerous categories, however I believe a BCT
BN XO should spend their time focusing on the following: manning, maintenance, equipment, understating logistical systems, and budgeting. I will highlight challenges I have faced during my time here and provide some recommended course of actions (COAs) to assist with overcoming them.
Challenge #1: Manning
Due to an Army wide 92Y shortage and the FY20 TRADOC Manning Guidance, BCT BN’s
are feeling the effect of manning shortfalls. As
the summer months approach, and with it the Summer Surge, we are predicting several unfilled Supply Sergeant positions which could easily lead to mission degradation; to include, insufficient technical oversight at the BN level, which could lead to a gap in mentorship and technical growth for our younger leaders. The current BCT TDA does not include officers’ billets within the BN
S4 and S1 staff sections which prevents another layer of supervision. However, regardless of the circumstances, proper accountability, responsibility, and good stewardship is inherently bestowed
upon that unit’s leadership. Pending losses without backfills in our logistics MOSs is a telegraphed punch...we know it is coming. It is crucial that
the BN XO acts to not only dodge this punch, but “counter” it as well. The company XO’s are the glue to the puzzle and their ability to forecast and manage logistics is inherent to mission success.
In order to prevent mission degradation
and to facilitate commanders’ ability to inforce good command supply discipline, I incorporated weekly logistics huddles that allowed dedicated/
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