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                 way for the Trainees of today, and the PLs of the future. It is time to stop worrying about what time you will be done with work. It is time to quit being disgruntled that you work Saturdays. It is time to quit bemoaning that you branched MI and should be doing Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. It is time to start taking disciplined initiative. If you look to just accomplish DTMS, then yes this job will lack a sense of fulfillment but if you approach learning DTMS, and its quirks, as another tool for your kit bag that can be used at your next unit,
this will be fruitful. If you attack DTMS and look for ways to refine the system, communicate your concerns and successes, and share that knowledge then this job will be rewarding.
I truly believe I am in the best company in the best battalion at Fort Jackson. The leaders here are pushing PLs to expand from simply doing coord sheets, to conducting CONOPs, running ranges, and forcing us to think outside the box. I have some recommendations for my peers as we look to continue to sharpen America’s spear and prepare our Trainees and ourselves to go to the operational force.
First, my Company 1SG likes to say “you do not have to be in an elite unit to be an elite unit.” This means going beyond what was done before and pushing the limits of the improbable. It is time to go beyond the limits and confines of the comfortable because that is what leaders do. Yes, PLs we can
do the coord sheets, pull the information from last cycle, and likely be home before dinner but that’s not elite. That is average. Dive in to the Program of Instruction (POI), understand it, and ensure
it is implemented. Read TRADOC Regulation 350-6 and uphold it. Think of ways to enhance
the training by reading the Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks. Consider ways your experience
or lack thereof can be value added. You majored
in psychology during your undergraduate years? Great, what did you learn about the human mind that is pertinent to transforming these civilians into Soldiers? How can you integrate that knowledge? As GEN McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army says “People are the Army. They are our greatest strength, and our most important weapon system.” Identify your strengths and apply them to basic combat training, use your “weapon systems”. Victory Starts Here and it starts with people, PLs included.
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