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                 4. Ammunition: The post Standards in Training Commission (STRAC) calls for 600 rounds per Soldier during a
BCT cycle. The current POI allocates
an additional 54 rounds for LOMAH. For the new qualification, the addition of the single/multiple target barricade shoot will add an additional 40 rounds to the POI per Soldier during a BCT cycle. An increase in the post STRAC would accommodate these increased requirements for the new RM.
Way Forward:
During the upcoming 20-01 cycle, two Companies from 1-34 Infantry Regiment
will participate in the new RM qualification.
Our Delta Company will fire with CCO first while our Alpha Company will fire with
BUIS first. This will allow us to determine if initiating them into RM with the assistance
of the CCO improves the transition. This addition of another Company will also
assist in continuing to determine the best method for training additional Cadre and
Drill Sergeants on the new RM training requirements. Current plan is for all five companies of 1-34 Infantry Regiment to
conduct the new RM qualification in cycle 20-02.
Appendix 1: Additional Training
An additional 16 hours have been added to the program
Weapons Immersion (4 hours)
1-hour lecture
2-hour practice and drill
30 minutes of reflective discussion
30 minutes for the practical exercise (Hands-on/Written)
RM 1A/B (8 hours)
RM1A (4 hours)
2-hour teach
1-hour practical exercise 1-hour review
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