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                United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson ISSUE NO. 20: March 2020
     40 Overcoming Logistical Challenges within a Basic Combat Training (BCT)
MAJ Jonathan Plotkin
Thinking outside the box and the ability/foresight to duck a “telegraphed punch” is not a new norm; however, it is one that is critical to mission success.
44 How to Stay Sharp on the Trail
SFC Leal Potter
So, what really makes you a good Drill Sergeant?
46 Kind Words Go a Long Way
CH (COL) Milton Johnson
Compliments are ways of saying, I care about you and I appreciate you.
48 Treating Others With Respect Is a Core Value
LTC Amy Thompson, LTC Cleve Sylvester, and MSG John Ahern
“Mission first, people always” is a motto that rings true and cuts to the heart of what the Army is about.
52 Opportunities and Challenges of a Geographically Split Basic Combat Training
LTC Patrick Collins
C2 of a geographically split Basic Combat Training Battalion has certainly resulted in some challenges, but we have found that the challenges have made us a better organization.
58 Effective Training: Increasing the Volume of Practical Exercises in Basic Combat
CPT Jay W. Banks
How can we produce a more effective Soldier in Basic Combat Training (BCT)?
62 The Price of Victory: Dealing with Death in Basic Combat Training
1LT Ivan Conchas with MAJ Paul Stelzer and LTC (P) Randall Wenner
Tragic death and loss are a part of military life, whether or not we are deployed to war- this is the price of victory.
66 Dealing with Civilians, an EEO Perspective
Timothy Gladders
In this article I will address, from my perspective, how we should consider working “alongside civilians” as opposed to “dealing with civilians.”
70 Mentorship
COL Renee’ T. MacDonald
Take a moment to ask yourself, when was the last time you offered your experience to help guide and develop a
subordinate, peer, or superior?

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