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                 qualification. Currently, this is accomplished within the one (1) day POI for RM 6. As we continue to get repetitions and evaluate the results, the recommendation may change to 2 days required for RM 6 to support the addition of barricades and increase in Table V practice requirements of increasing difficulty prior to qualification with malfunctions etc. – more data is required.
2. DSA/RIT: Another recommendation is that the new marksmanship techniques and EST functions such as Trace Analysis should be taught at the Drill Sergeant Academy (DSA) and Reception and Integration Training (RIT) to ensure all Drill Sergeants and Cadre are starting on the same page. This allows them to continue development within training units without friction and addresses the concern of varying levels
of RM experience between Drill Sergeants. The issue is not only with new Drill Sergeants entering the organization, but new command teams as well. What other units conducting RM pilot programs at Ft. Benning have discovered is that new command teams at all levels want to make changes to the program before they fully understand it, causing issues with the guidelines set in place.
3. Technology: Technology is constantly advancing and we should not be confined to EST. Virtual reality simulators can enhance the Trainees’ learning to develop an awareness and eventual understanding of the weapons and fundamentals before they ever fire their first round. As previously mentioned, the existing LOMAH does not have sensor capability to conduct barricade shooting. Recommend range control researches solution development to address that shortcoming of design.
4. Committee: Recommend the possibility of a post committee led RM program. As mentioned previously, having a committee consisting of MMTC qualified Soldiers or Civilians keeps the training consistent between not only different Companies, but different Battalions, and Brigades. This would also free up Drill Sergeants to focus on standards, discipline, and the POI throughout Red Phase. The committee could also approve and test other RM training technologies.
5. Policies: It is still too early in the pilot with insufficient data to assess the new qualification impact on existing 350-6 graduation standards for Trainees to qualify with both BUIS and CCO. Following cycle 20- 02, we will be prepared to provide feedback on existing policies.
Recommended Materials:
Most required equipment for this new program is maintained at Battalion level and below. We have found that the following equipment is necessary for a successful RM program:
1. Barricades: Required equipment for this new program consists of 20x portable barricades with multiple firing positions per Company based on a 240 trainee fill. These can be used for concurrent training as well as dry-fire drills conducted on the drill pad or in a classroom setting. Currently, only one Company has barricades in 1-34. TAS-C however, has the CAD files and capabilities to cut these on a CNC router. The cost of 100x barricades per battalion is approximately $14,206.
2. Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS): When the EST is not available or functional, as was the case during cycle 19-04, a portable EST system is recommended in order to group/zero. The BEAMHIT Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS) is a commercial, off-the-shelf trainer that
is in limited use throughout the force due to the non-availability of the EST. The LMTS system costs approximately $26,945 per each unit, with an optimal fill of one per BN.
3. Laser Borelight System (LBS): The AN/PEM-1 Laser Borelight System is recommended prior
to the range in order to save time and ammunition on grouping and zeroing. The cost is approximately $1,393 each with 12x per Company recommended. This equates to approximately $83,580 per Battalion. Most Battalions should already have some within their Companies. The LBS will bring the Trainee as close to zero as possible before firing any live rounds.
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