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                 SFC Donald W. Castelow, CPT Ian P. Sandall, CSM Andrew J. Bullock and LTC Andrew D. Staples
1-34 Infantry Regiment was tasked with integrating the new combat-focused Rifle Marksmanship qualification standards and train-up techniques into the mission of the Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Jackson, SC. On 30 July 2019, the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning released Training Circular (TC) 3-20.40 Training and Qualification - Individual Weapons. This applies to all individual weapons and serves as a resource to help commanders, staff, and NCOs understand the requirements for planning, executing, and assessing training through qualification. Fort Benning realized that the U.S. Army was using an antiquated system that has been in use since 1953. Their goal was to develop a Rifle Marksmanship (RM) program that requires Soldiers to engage targets more expeditiously and to independently operate as they would during
an enemy engagement. The designed program should challenge the shooter to increase their situational awareness and strengthen their critical thinking.
This mandates shooters to become proficient on workspace manipulation, working solely off kit, rapid magazine changes, multiple target engagements, malfunction clearing, fight up/fight down, and barricade shooting. Understanding the basic fundamentals of how these variables affect the consistent application of the functional elements of the “shot process” with the goal of creating better marksmen, will further enhance the lethality of today’s Soldier and create a more capable fighting force. The new RM period of instruction will build on those core values and help to construct increased lethality in civilians transitioning into Soldiers.
Fort Benning’s Infantry OSUT Battalions have incorporated the new RM standards into their formations over the past two years within elements of the 198th IN BDE. Their recent transition from a 14 to 22 week OSUT cycle has enabled them to robustly implement the new RM glide path. Therefore, it is necessary for BCT Battalions at Fort Jackson to learn and understand these same concepts while executing within the shorter 10-week period of training. Current BCT POI for RM lays-out a glide path for 16 days with 14 RM tables including Buddy Team Live Fire and Battle March and Shoot during the FORGE. The culminating event for the current POI is Buddy Team Live Fire during week seven of the cycle.
Our marksmanship methodology for the new RM program uses the crawl, walk, and run process with sequenced measures of performance and overall measures of effectiveness of the Soldiers’ mastery of their individual weapon. The periods are broken down into smaller blocks over 16 days with an additional 8 hours of training as referenced in Appendix 1 (targeting, dry fire drills, etc). The comparisons between the legacy qualification and the new RM program are outlined in Fig 1 below.
24 Jackson Journal
 Initial Integration of the New Rifle Marksmanship Qualification Program into a Basic Combat Training Environment

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