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                 Commander to experiencing Congressional Inquiries, you will answer the mail for your decisions and the conduct of your formation. BCT command is a high visibility position with an even higher impact.
Fort Jackson and BCT provide endless opportunities for senior leader engagement.
The current command’s attitude, coupled with
the endless training cycles and training events, creates numerous touch points every month for both formal and informal interactions with senior leaders. From morning PT to Buddy Team Live Fire to Rally Points, you will see the entirety of your chain of command each month, to include the Commanding General. This exposure to senior leadership develops company commanders on interacting with seniors, coach’s commanders into thinking and viewing problems from the lens of
a senior officer, and mentors commanders in the lessons learned from the numerous experiences of their chain of command.
The most rewarding and gratifying aspect of commanding within BCT during my tenure is the ability to influence the Army from the ground up.
If you approach life as a BCT commander with humility, and the ability to see the bigger picture of your efforts, you will find that effective leadership at the company level contributes greatly to the mission of providing fit, motivated, and well-trained Soldiers to the U.S. Army. Your direct influence
and mentorship will also develop your Platoon
Leaders and Platoon Sergeants to return to the operational Army
as more capable and polished leaders. Your efforts to influence and develop your lieutenants will widen their sight aperture as you bridge the gap between combat and support branches, regardless of military occupational skill, and ensure your lieutenants are able to expertly and effectively implement
their duties. Your efforts throughout command to provide inspiration,
motivation, and direction will continuously steward our Army profession.
At the end of the day, a true test of a leader is their ability to replicate success and accomplish the mission in any environment. Infantry officers know that Infantry Branch views diversity of experience as a major contributor towards your utility and versatility as a future field grade officer. Your performance, independent of the type of formation you serve in, matters most towards your potential for service in positions of increased responsibility. Who was I to view my assignment to BCT akin to getting benched? My experience here has molded me into a better leader, with exposure to a variety of skills extremely valuable to my future assignments. I am grateful for this experience. Will you be able to succeed wherever the Army decides to place you?
CPT Andrew College is the commander of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, 193rd Infantry Brigade.
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