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8 Challenging Command Philosophies
BG Milford H. Beagle, Jr.
Command philosophies are useful as frameworks but should not be the only guide that a commander leverages to command.
14 An Open Challenge to Platoon Leaders
1LT Ariana Rocha
The most important thing I have learned is that it is a privilege to lead Soldiers, and being a
Platoon Leader here is whatever you decide to make it.
18 Maintaining the Balance: An Open Challenge to Platoon
Sergeants/Senior Drill Sergeants
SFC Thomas Mendoza
In order to find a balance, I needed to stop seeing myself as a Senior Drill Sergeant and start acting like a Platoon Sergeant.
20 Getting Benched
CPT Andrew College
Who was I to view my assignment to BCT akin to getting benched? My experience here has molded me into a better leader.
24 Initial Integration of the New Rifle Marksmanship Qualification
Program into a Basic Combat Training Environment
SFC Donald W. Castelow, CPT Ian P. Sandall, CSM Andrew J. Bullock and
LTC Andrew D. Staples
1-34 Infantry Regiment was tasked with integrating the new combat-focused Rifle Marksmanship qualification standards and train-up techniques into the mission of the Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Jackson, SC.
32 Building Better Warriors
CPT Derek Hartman
It is important to examine how we can foster discipline and the warrior ethos during each part of the shoot, move, and communicate processes that BTLFX requires.
36 Hey LT
2LT Alexander T. Johnson
We have the opportunity to make history, to pave the way for the Trainees of today, and the PLs of the future.
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